Emerging Artist Award

Emerging Artist Award

The Forward Arts Foundation has a substantial history of arts funding in Atlanta since its beginnings in 1965. In 1999 the Foundation became concerned about dwindling support of public funding for individual artists in the greater Atlanta area. In an effort to address this need, the Foundation approved a new project; The Emerging Artist Award. 

The Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award is presented each year to a talented Atlanta artist who has had no major solo show and is not connected with a commercial gallery. The award grants not only monetary support for an artist but also provides a venue for a solo exhibition at the Swan Coach House Gallery.

The Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award committee, chaired by Eileen Millard, consists of voting professional members from the Atlanta arts community and non-voting Foundation members who serve as administrators. The voting members recommend artists to be considered for the award. The field of candidates is narrowed down to five finalists by reviewing images of each artist’s current work. Final selection of the winner is made after the committee visits the five finalists’ studios. Only the professional members of the committee vote for the winner from the finalists. The top honoree receives a $10,000 grant and a solo show at the gallery the following summer. The other four finalists receive $2000 and have a piece included in the exhibition.



2013-14 Winner: Amandine Drouet (Exhibit in April 2015)
Finalists: Jessica Caldas, Chris Chambers, Henry Detweiler, Chantelle Rytter

2013-14 Winner: Morgan Alexander (Exhibit coming up on April 17, 2014)
Finalists: Brendan Danielsson, Rebecca Hanna, Chelsea Raflo, Nikki Starz

2012-13 Winner: Born
Finalists: Kevin ByrdAndre KeichianJohn Paul Floyd, Romy Maloon

2011-12 Winner: S. Patricia Patterson 
Finalists: Margaret Fletcher, Born, Seana Reilly and Jessica Blinkhorn

2010-11 Winner: Lucha Rodriquez 
Finalists: Meg AubreyChung Fan Chang, Hope HiltonDorothy O'Connor

2010 Winner: Cosmo Whyte 
Finalists: Morolake Odeleye, Whitney StansellDayna Thacker Whitney Wood

2009 Winner: Paul S. Benjamin
Finalists: Anita ArlissRichard Russell, Ruth StanfordStan Woodard

2008 Winner: Ben Roosevelt 
Finalists: Sarah Emerson, Tindel-Michi, Addison Will & Robert Witherspoon

2007 Winner: Santiago de Paoli
Finalists: Cara Averhart-Reese, Elizabeth Latta, K. Allyson Petty & Ben Wilson

2006 Winner:  Ann-Marie Manker
Finalists: Jeremy Chance, Santiago De Paoli, Michi & Jon Rajkovich

2005 Winner:  Grady Haugerud
Finalists: Dos Postenos, True Heart Collaborations, Victoria Martin-Gilly & Heather Stevens-Weese

2004 Winner: Matt Haffner
Finalists: Susan Cipcic, Will Eccleston, Travis Pack, & Jena Sibille

2003 Winner: Ruth Dusseault
Finalists: Jeff Conefrey, Sarah Hobbs, Deborah Kaszovitz & Sheila Swift

2002 Winner: David Isenhour
Finalists: Todd Carroll, Jeff Conefrey, Ruth Dusseault, Tae Earl & Scott Silvey

2001 Winner: Debra Elaine Johnson
Finalists: Lillian Blades, Woody Cornwell, David Isenhour & Peter Pachano

2000 Winner: Carl Joe Williams
Finalists: Candice Bennett, Daniel Hoover & Jill Larson


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