Current Exhibition:

Current Exhibition:

FORWARD ARTS FOUNDATION: Members and Family Show

March 26 - April 10, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: March 26, 6-8pm

Featuring: Wendy Barton, Carolyn Carr, Carolyn Caswell, Shannon Candler, Grady Clinkscales Jr, Grady Clinkscales, Betty Edge, Mary Croft Ferguson, Greg Ferguson, Jean Glenn, Wanda Hopkins, Dixie Purvis, Karen Tauches, and Ansley West Rivers.

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Forward Arts Foundation / Emerging Artist Award Exhibition


Amandine Drouet, 2014-15 Winner

with Finalists: Jessica Caldas, Chris Chambers,

Henry Detweiler, & Chantelle Rytter


April 16 – May 27, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, April 16, 6-9pm

PLASTIQUE Workshop / Informal Artist Talk: Saturday, April 25,11am / *Bring recycled plastic!

Amandine Drouet operates a veritable recycling center where everyday trash becomes re-commodified beauty. The collection, organization and transformation of "plastique" in particular is at the center of her artistic process. (Born in La Borne, France, the artist uses the French spelling. . .)

For her debut solo show at the Swan Coach House Gallery, Drouet produces a new body of work made from this disregarded material; All of it gathered locally from her neighborhood and from friends. Various techniques layer bubble wrap, grocery bags, product packaging, and more. In some works, what looks like brush strokes, are just melted commercial graphics: viewers will recognize common household logos, colors and imagery. Her material of choice is incredibly durable; but, that also makes it destructive to the environment. Aware of plastic’s negative impact on the natural world, the artist hopes to raise awareness and encourage attitudes of re-use.

Also on view are works by each of the Emerging Artist Award finalists.

This exhibition is sponsored by Eileen Millard and Mickie Keough.




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