Current Exhibition:

Current Exhibition:


NOVEMBER 13, 2014 - JANUARY 2, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, November 13, 6-9pm

Curated by Marianne Lambert

Celebrating its 15th year, the Little Things Mean A Lot Exhibition is The Swan Coach House Gallery’s most popular annual event! The gallery walls are covered with a wild assortment of artworks on sale for the holidays. You’ll find a variety of mediums including: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, fiber, and ceramics. Collect small works by many of Atlanta’s most important artists, as well as discover new emerging talent. As pieces sell, they are replaced by new works by the same artist, creating an "ever-evolving exhibition." Come multiple times to discover more exciting things.


ARTISTS: CONTEMPORARY WORKS: Corinne Adams, Ashley Adiano, Alejandra Aguilera, Lisa Alembik, Morgan Alexander, Adrienne Anderson, Ashley Anderson, Steven L. Anderson, Maria Artemis, Meg Aubrey, David Baerwalde, Whitney Wood Bailey, Miho Kuroiwa Beadles, Ginger Birdsey, Eileen Braun, Jason Butcher, Dennis Campay, Carolyn Carr, Gordon Chandler, Namwon Choi, Maurice Clifford, Grady Clinkscales, Susan Cofer, Kevin Cole, Ryan Coleman, Ande Cook, Courtney Cottrell, Stephanie Dalton, Charlotte Dillard, Richard Diedrich, Terri Dilling, Craig Dongoski, Helen Durant, Pat Ellinger, Sarah Emerson, Amie Esslinger, Mike Esslinger, John Gleason, Lisa Gleim, Barry Gregg, Francis Geiger, Kojo Griffin, Paul Hagedorn, Grady Haugerud, Garrett Hayes, Franca Nucci Haynes, Brian Holcombe, Roxane Hollosi, E.K. Huckaby, Janis Wilson Hughes, Vicki Wilson Hunt, Gyun Hur, Scott Ingram, Andy Sloan Jackson, Carol John, Benjamin Jones, Kelly Kristin Jones, Will Kay, Hilary Kelley, Susan Knippenberg, Marcus Kenney, Elizabeth Lide, Lynn Marshall Linnemeier, Susan Loftin, George Long, Sarah Lowing, Eric Mack, Rob Matre, Kathrin Mattox, Birgit McQueen, Michi Meko, Corrina Mensoff, Donna Mintz, Jiha Moon, Jason Murphy, Eleanor Neal, Yanique Norman, Chris Neuenschwander, Joe Peragine, Lauren Peterson, Mario Petrirena, Thomas Prochnow, Dixie Purvis, Sarah Rakes, B.J. Rathur, Windsor Reach, Seana Reilly, Charles H. Reinike III, Rodeo, Sharon Shapiro, Robert Sherer, Laura Shull, Mimi Hart Silver, Deanna Sirlin, Spencer Sloan, Susan Hable Smith, Terry Stephens, Ann Stewart, Freddie Styles, Richard Sudden, Sabine Sugarman, Katherine Taylor, Barbara Campbell Thomas, Bob Thomas, Myrtha Vega, Aila Wartell, Christian Bradley West, Daryl White, Vanessa Williams, Andy Moon Wilson, Susie Winton, Zena Zakanycz.ON THE TRADITIONAL SIDE: Nancy Armstrong,  Dorothy Crawley, Monick David, Clyde Draughon, Charles Ellis, Beth Evans, Carol Frederick, Wendy Jackson, Robert Kelly, Katherine Bell McClure, Ann Otterness, Billy Parker, Cynthia Perryman, Lisa Rowley, Suzy Schultz, Jane Scott, Suzanne Hughes Sullivan, Switi Thakkar, Marie Weaver, Deborah Williams.


This exhibition is sponsored by Eleanor Barton





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January 15 – February 20

OPENING: Thursday, Jan. 15




Curated by Marianne Lambert



This exhibition is sponsored by Wendy Barton


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