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Dining Room Reservations

A meal steeped in tradition.

Dining room reservations are a great fit for smaller groups who do not require a private space. Due to the intimate size of our beloved dining room, we do have a few policies for these reservations. 
Please note that we do not currently offer an afternoon tea service in the dining room.

  • Reservations are offered to groups of 8-12 people. We do not take reservations for groups smaller than 8, but you are welcome to walk in. We are happy to help larger groups explore a private event space.

  • Reservations are held from 11:00-12:30 and 1:00-2:30, Tuesday-Saturday. You will have the table for an hour and a half. We must begin and end your reservation on time, to avoid impacting other reservations. You will be seated once the majority of your group has arrived.

  • We do not permit the following: group gift exchange/opening, decorations, party games, outside food/beverage (including cake), or anything else that would create a party environment. We aim to provide all of our guests with the same relaxed experience. If you are looking for a more celebratory atmosphere, we offer private event spaces that would be a better fit. We are also happy to connect you with our pastry chef if you are interested in a custom dessert.

  • Everyone will be on the same check. This helps our servers to remain equally attentive to all of our guests. A 20% service charge will be added to cover the gratuity for your party. You will be ordering from our dining room menu. 

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